we were
    and then we weren’t
    sometimes people fall asleep in love
    and wake up empty
    sometimes people fall asleep
    and don’t wake up at all
    and it hurts
    until it doesn’t
    and you don’t always feel it at first
    but when you feel it
    oh god do you feel it
    and sometimes we bleed ourselves
    dry before we can feel okay again
    and sometimes the scars don’t fade
    like the doctor said they would
    and i know sometimes I come home
    with my knees torn apart and
    lips that taste like cherries and blood
    and one day I’ll be spitting up your
    name and I won’t be able to taste
    anything but you
    and you
    and you
    and I can’t stop my heart from falling
    out of it’s chest
    and I can’t fall asleep knowing that I
    might wake up and not be yours
    because tonight we are
    but who knows if you’ll still love me in the morning

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    Making someone smile and moan at the same time during sex should be a life goal for everyone.